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Every one is plugging in!    “Go Green”
Now converter any air conditioner into a Solar Air Conditioner With our “NEW” Atlantis Solar Triple Thermal Solar Air Conditioner Kit
Every one is plugging in ! ®
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Whit this thermal solar kit, you can add to existing conventional or Inverter air conditioner into thermal processing for a very low cost that will pay for it’s self in less then 6 months of energy savings. Atlantis Solar two kits to choose from; Compact Pressure Tank or Tankless Thermal disigned in very high quality and with 2 Patents. These units are easy to install and require no certification for tax free entry to any country worldwide. Time to take advantage today with a minimum added 30% to 50% energy savings year round (based on environmental ambient temperatures. These state of the art 100% environmentally friendly Plug - N - Play Solar Thermal Kits are available for Government and Distribution only in bulk orders, not offered to residential, please contact a local distributor for details.   
Triple Thermal Compact Pressure Hot Water Thermal Tank Kit
Separated Pressure High Efficiency Thermal Tankless Kit