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Solar Air Conditioner - Patented

Triple Thermal

Atlantis Solar Has Designed An Air Conditioner That is State of The Art, Guaranteed to Out Stand any Other Air Conditioner in the World. "Triple Thermal Solar Air Conditioner™" This Air Conditioner Surpasses World Standards in Environmentally Friendly Operation, Design, Energy Savings, Included With Free Added Features; Plug -N- Play Capability, A Much Higher Then Standard EER - COP, "And Most of All" Affordable for All World Markets. Our Triple Thermal Solar Air Conditioner™ is Defiantly Built to Last in "ANY" Environment.                                                 

Elite Atmospheric Water Generator

- AWG - Air to Water Generator

50% and More in Energy Savings vs. Our Older Technology Our newest Atmospheric Water Generators designed for small applications starting at 100 Liters up to 10,000 Liters per day Guaranteed Pure Water Production from the Lowest Relative Humidity, increasing Water production to surpass its capacity rating by 20% or more Water Production in High Relative Humidity Environments.   Government and Atlantis Solar Qualified Distributors Only Meets standards as the Purist Water in the World.

Solar - LPG Refrigerator and


Atlantis Solar refrigerators are a very smart investment. "Keep Your Food Fresh Cold and Healthy, Guaranteed to work for you, in any environmental conditions, a natural disaster, or just get off the Grid. For as low as $12USD to $15USD operational cost per year, with no electricity needed, only a stand alone, low cost tank of LPG / Propane, or even Kerosene. Go Atlantis Solar LPG - Propane - Kerosene Refrigerators. A new way of life by controlling the way you live and eat with environmentally high quality low cost refrigerators and freezers.                                              

LED Light Bulbs and Street Lights

Save Big Money $$$ Build your own high quality solar street light "Plug and Play" design 85V~260V LED or 12~24V Solar street light fixtures, driver and controller included The LED Chip will Guarantee a 500% better lighting area coverage over High Pressure Sodium, with an energy savings of no less then 50% to 75%. Rated LED life span is 50,000 to 100,000 hours or equal to 12 years operation time. Atlantis Solar is "third generation" providing products developed from the latest state of the art technology in solar street lights. Our technology benefits every country worldwide that shares the same common needs in saving money and going green.

Wind Turbines

Dogvane and Anemometer for measuring wind speed and direction. Yaw shaft controlling the operation of our wind generator  Multiple protection: mechanical furling, electrical yawning, electromagnetic braking, manual and hydraulic braking. Siemens PLC control system offering high reliability. CE tested and Certified.  Grid-Tied and Off -Grid design Guyed tower, free standing and hydraulic for different demands and environments. The nose cone is designed making the generator easy to radiate heat and reduce wind resistance.

Solar Hot Water Heater

Atlantis Solar Thermal Solar Non Pressure and Pressurized Hot Water Heaters relie on the natural ambient temperatures and circulation of water whether by pressure or elevated non pressure cold to hot water production between copper and or evacuated heat conductive tubes called collectors. With our Atlantis Solar high quality affordable pressurized and non pressurized solar thermal hot water heaters, you will continue to receive free warm water 24 hours a day, based on your environment. Most important is our quality construction in heat exchange from our tanks, copper heat conductors, and copper lined evacuated tubes.                                                     
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AGM Deep Cycle Battery

Atlantis Solar series (2V 50Ah~3,000Ah - 12V 1.3AH ~ 12V 200AH) of VRLA batteries are recognized as the most reliable and high quality batteries designed in our worlds industry today. Atlantis Solar series batteries are designed with advanced AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology, Long service life design up to 20 years, the batteries comply to the most popular international standards, such as IEC896-2, BS6290-4, Eurobat Guide.

Solar Panel Monocrystalline and Poly

FEATURES: High Efficiency Solar Cells Special Aluminum Frame Design High Transmission, Low Iron Tempered Glass Advanced Cell Encapsulation APPLICATIONS Residential and Commercial: Solar power stations Rural electrification

Solar Generator - Charge Inverter

Our solar generator will  provide  a  solution  for  every person  worldwide,  making  it  affordable  to  provide electricity to any remote location, no matter where you live. These solar generators will offer  peace of mind knowing you have security  in your home or business with electricity 365 days per year 24 hours per day. Energy you own no different then your home, when it’s paid for, it’s free.
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Every one is plugging in ! ®
When making an investment to go "GREEN" it is wise to know your options. All of Atlantis Solar® products will provide either 100% savings with no less then a minimum of  50%  savings. When you evaluate which method of energy you wish to utilize between solar and wind, or any of our environmentally friendly high quality products. Please know exactly what is needed to give you  the  highest  savings,  quality  and  performance at prices you can afford.